MS Office and JabRef

JabRef supports the MS Office Bibliography XML format for exporting and importing.

Howto: Export to Microsoft Word

As you are using JabRef already, you can simply use the builtin export functionality for Office 2007 xml format, that is the format where Microsoft stores it bibliography information.

  1. Export (selected) entries in JabRef and choose Office 2007 xml format
  2. Open Word, click on the References Tab
  3. Click on Manage sources -> Browse -> Open the exported XML File (or better copy it directly to the location under browse)
  4. All entries are then available in the MS bibliography database

The only problem in the export could be when you have a “company” as author. That is simply exported as author and not in the company field.

More discussion at

Howto: Import from Microsoft Word


Entry Type Mappings

Some field names in the XML format differ from the field names in the BibTeX/BibLaTeX format and can therefore be not directly mapped between the formats. Therefore this help file provides a list of all field mappings.

BibTeX/BibLaTeX entry type XML entry type
book Book
inbook BookSection
booklet BookSection
incollection BookSection
article JournalArticle
inproceedings ConferenceProceedings
conference ConferenceProceedings
proceedings ConferenceProceedings
collection ConferenceProceedings
techreport Report
manual Report
mastersthesis Report
phdthesis Report
unpublished Report
patent Patent
misc Misc
electronic ElectronicSource
online InternetSite
periodical ArticleInAPeriodical

Field mappings

The field mapping for import and export is mostly the same, but there are some differences, as not all field exists in both formats. Additionally, some fields have to be treated differently during import/export.

BibTeX/BibLaTeX XML field
bibtexkey Tag
title Title
year Year
note Comments
volume Volume
language LCID
edition Edition
publisher Publisher
booktitle BookTitle
chapter ChapterNumber
issue Issue
school Department
institution Institution
doi DOI
url url
shorttitle ShortTitle
pages Pages
authors Authors
editors Editors
translator Translator
bookauthor Bookauthor
volumes NumberVolumes

BibTeX/BibLaTeX only fields

The following fields are BibTeX/BibLaTex only fields, they have no representation in office XML. In the resulting XML file they are represented with the prefix BIBTEX_

BibTeX/BibLaTeX only fields XML representation
series BIBTEX_Series
abstract BIBTEX_Abstract
keywords BIBTEX_KeyWords
crossref BIBTEX_CrossRef
howpublished BIBTEX_HowPublished
affiliation BIBTEX_Affiliation
contents BIBTEX_Contents
copyright BIBTEX_Copyright
price BIBTEX_Price
size BIBTEX_Size
intype BIBTEX_InType
paper BIBTEX_Paper
<BibTexEntryType> BIBTEX_Entry
<BibTexEntryType> SourceType
key (not BibTeX-Key) BIBTEX_KEY
pubstate BITEX_Pubstate

The XML field SourceType contains the associated entry type from the first table, while the original BibTeX/BibLaTex entrytype is preserved in the field BIBTEX_ENTRY.

MS-Bib only fields

The following fields are XML-only fields, they have no BibTeX/BibLaTex representation: In the resulting bib database they are represented with the prefix msbib-.

BibTeX/BibLaTex represenation XML field
msbib-numberofvolume NumberVolumes
msbib-periodical PeriodicalTitle
msbib-day Day
msbib-accessed Accessed (YearAccessed, MonthAccessed, DayAccessed)
msbib-medium Medium
msbib-recordingnumber RecordingNumber
msbib-theater Theater
msbib-distributor Distributor
msbib-broadcaster Broadcaster
msbib-station Station
msbib-type Type
msbib-court Court
msbib-reporter Reporter
msbib-casenumber CaseNumber
msbib-abbreviatedcasenumber AbbreviatedCaseNumber
msbib-productioncompany ProductionCompany
msbib-producername producerNames
msbib-composer composers
msbib-conductor conductors
msbib-performer performers
msbib-writer writers
msbib-director directors
msbib-compiler compilers
msbib-interviewer interviewers
msbib-interviewee interviewees
msbib-inventor inventors
msbib-counsel counsels

Special Export treatment

The following fields are treated as follows during export:

BibTeX/BibLaTeX representation XML field
booktitle ConferenceName
journal JournalName
journaltitle JournalName
month Month
date year, month, day (if date is in ISO 8601 form
issue issue
isbn StandardNumber
issn StandardNumber
lccn StandardNumber
mrnumer StandardNumber
address (if field contains at least one comma) City
address (if field does not contain a comma) City, StateProvince, CountryRegion
location (if field contains at least one comma) City
location (if field does not contain a comma) City, StateProvince, CountryRegion
<EntryType is thesis> ThesisType
<EntryType is patent> number PatentNumber
number (entry is not patent) Number
Authors/Editors (single author/editor is enclosed in curly braces) Corporate

Special Import treatment

The following fields are treated as follows during import:

BibTeX/BibLaTeX representation XML field
organization ConferenceName
journaltitle Journal
location City, StateProvince, CountryRegion