I am not a programmer

I would like to improve the help page. What are the steps?

Please follow our file.

I would like to help translating JabRef to another language. How do I get started?

We encourage you to read about translating JabRef.

I want to keep Wikipedia pages up-to-date

JabRef improves – and Wikipedia pages should keep up!

Simply click on “Edit” (top right-hand tab).

Currently existing pages are:

If there is no page for you own language, you can easily create one.

I have some cool feature requests

Come discuss about it!

Can I make a donation? How?

Donations keeps us going! You can use Paypal, Flattr, or bank transfers. Your institution/company can contribute too, through bank transfer for example. All details are provided at

Our team consists of volunteers. To provide better support, we are currently trying to get a funded developer on board. Please consider supporting this:


I am a programmer

I want to learn about code quality

Please head to codecov to see current code coverage and where to improve our tests. You can head to codacy to learn about one analysis of JabRef’s code quality.

I want to start with something easy

We collect small issues at and at You can read up there to find something easy to start with. Then, check our for detailed information and further links.

I want something with huge impact

Then, the issues intended for external contributions are the right place to look at.

I need help with the code

You can talk to the core developers of JabRef in the gitter chat.