Medline (txt)形式とMedline (XML)形式およびRIS形式の比較

Medline (txt)形式は,簡単なテキスト文書としたい時に,使用することができます. この形式では,各行頭にフィールド名を記入します. Medline (XML)形式は,XML文書です. フィールド名は,<>の間に書き込みます. 詳しい情報については, をご覧ください. Medline (txt)形式とMedline (XML)形式は,常に「article」型をとります. RIS形式は,Medline (txt)形式と同様ですが,サポートされているフィールドが異なる他,ファイル拡張子が「ris」となっています.

情報源によっては,「Medline (txt)」が「MedlinePlain」,「Medline (XML)」が「Medline」と略記されていることがあります.


フィールド Medline (txt) Medline (XML) RIS
Abstract AB Abstract / AbstractText AB
Affiliation AD    
Article Date   ArticleDate  
Article Identifier AID Article  
Article Title   ArticleTitle  
Author AU AuthorList AU/A1
Author Identifier AUID    
Book Title BTI   BT
Chemical List   ChemicalList  
Citation Subset   CitationSubset  
Collection Title CTI    
Collaborators     A3
Comments Corrections List   CommentsCorrectionsList  
Corporate Author CN    
Copyright Information   CopyrightInformation  
Create Date CRDT    
Country   Country  
Data Bank List   DataBankList  
Date Completed DCOM DateCompleted  
Date Created DA DateCreated  
Date Last Revised LR DateRevised  
Date of Electronic Publication DEP    
Date of Publication DP   Y2
Delete Citation   DeleteCitation  
Edition EN    
Editor and Full Editor Name FED   ED
End     ER
End Page     EP
Entrez Date EDAT    
Full Author FAU    
Full Personal Name as Subject FPS    
Gene Symbol GS    
General Note GN GeneralNote  
Grant List   GrantList  
Grant Number GR    
Investigator Name and Full Investigator Name IR/FIR    
Investigator List   InvestigatorList  
ISO Abbreviation   ISOAbbreviation  
ISSN Linking   ISSNLinking  
Issue IP Issue IS
Journal Issue   JournalIssue  
Journal Title JT Journal JO/JF/JA
Journal Title Abbreviation TA    
Keywords   KeywordList KW
Language LA Language  
Location Identifier LID    
Manuscript Identifier MID    
Medline Title Abbreviation   MedlineTA  
Medline Date   MedlineDate  
MeSH Date MHDA    
Mesh Heading List   MeshHeadingList  
MeSH Terms MH    
Misc     M1-M3
NLM Unique ID JID NlmUniqueID  
Note     N1
Number of References RF    
Other Abstract and other abstract language OAB/OABL OtherAbstract  
Other Copyright Information OCI    
Other ID OID OtherID  
Other Term OT    
Other Term Owner OTO    
Owner OWN    
Pagination PG Pagination  
Personal Name as Subject PS    
Personal Name as Subject List   PersonalNameSubjectList  
Place of Publication PL    
Publication History Status PHST    
Publication Status PST    
Publication Type PT    
Publication Type List   PublicationTypeList  
Publisher     PB
Publishing Date   PubDate  
Publishing Model PUBM    
PubMed Central Identifier PMCR    
PubmMed Unique Identifier PMID PMID  
Registry Number RN    
Reprint     RP
Start Page     SP
Substance Name NM    
Supplemental Mesh List   SupplMeshList  
Secondary Source ID SI    
Source SO    
Space Flight Mission SFM    
Status STAT    
Subset SB    
Title TI Title TI/T1
Transliterated Title TT    
Type     TY
URL     UR
User Text     U1-U3
Volume VI Volume VL
Volume Title VTI    
Vernacular Title   VernacularTitle  
Year     PY/Y1